Totterdown Traffic Counters Project

The Project

At Possible, we inspire people to take bolder action on climate change. As part of this, we want to support local residents to improve their streets by addressing issues like heavy traffic, speeding, and unsuitable vehicles (such as large lorries on narrow residential streets). To this end, we’re giving 10 households in Totterdown traffic counters. With data from their traffic counters, local residents will be better able to encourage Bristol City Council to make positive changes to their streets.

With the help of the University of West England and Telraam (the company that produced the traffic counters), we will deliver workshops that are open to all residents to talk about what we found and co-create an action plan to address the issues on local streets. The ultimate goal is to present these solutions to Bristol City Council to implement the necessary changes to make for greener, cleaner, safer streets.

How do traffic counters (Telraam) work?

Traffic counters are small devices made from a Raspberry Pi microcomputer, sensor and a low-resolution camera. They are plugged into a power outlet and connected to the internet using Wi-Fi to send the traffic count data to the central database. These devices are mounted on the inside of an upper-floor window, looking over the street. The counter will count how many pedestrians, bicycles, cars and heavy vehicles go past and also detect the speed of cars.

How do I get involved?

If you’re up for having a traffic counter installed in your home then click on the link below to apply. The form should only take a few minutes to fill in. You will need to send in a picture of the view from your upper-floor window just so we can check that the traffic counter will have a clear line of sight. We will then contact you to let you know if you are eligible to receive your free traffic counter (look out for an email from the Bristol Car Free Cities Campaigner - Rob Bryher).

Sign up here!

I didn’t get a traffic counter or I don’t want one, but can I still get involved?

Yes! You don’t need a traffic counter to get involved in the project. Working with the community and making sure your voices are heard is just as important as the data itself. The workshops where we will look at the findings and create an action plan are open to the public, so all local residents can get involved.

So if you don’t want a traffic counter but still want to get involved in the project please do send a mail to

I am not in the chosen area for a traffic counter network but can I still get a traffic counter?

Great news, traffic counters are available to buy as well. Check the Telraam-website for more information on how to get one for yourself.