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Telraam packages consist of a Telraam device, and a Data or Network subscription. We provide a selection of pre-assembled packages ready to be purchased below, or you can assemble your own custom-made package from these ingredients and ask for a personal quote.



One time hardware cost (excl. VAT)



  • 10 road user classes
  • 15 minute data resolution
  • Data dashboard
  • Advanced APIs
  • Street sheet
  • Data export options

€15 / month

(excl. VAT)



  • Everything from Data
  • Premium analytics tools
  • Premium reports
  • Manage multiple tracks
  • Network recruiting tools
  • Network support tools

€25 / month

(excl. VAT)

Pre-configured packages

Get started with Telraam today. To get you counting quickly, we offer some ready-made packages in the shop.
The Telraam S2 device needs a clear view of the street. Review the requirements for the window placement of your device(s).
We rely on cellular data-transfer via LTE-M or NB-IoT networks. Check operator coverage maps for your area/country if you are unsure, or reach out to us via email so we can assist.
Telraam S2 - Professional

The Pioneer

One Telraam S2 with a 12 month Data subscription
excl. VAT
Telraam S2 - Starter Packagae

The First Four

Four Telraam S2 devices with 12 month Data subscriptions. Limit of 4 devices.
excl. VAT
Telraam S2 - Network Packagae

The Small Network

Ten Telraam S2 devices with 12 month Network plans
excl. VAT

Custom-made package or questions?

You need more devices with a Data plan, or would you like to build a bigger network? Please get in touch with us for a personalised quote or more detailed information. We would love to hear from you.

Telraam S2 with basic data

As an individual you can purchase a single Telraam S2 device at a discounted rate - for personal use only - to count traffic on your street. This option does not include the perks of the Data subscription.
Telraam S2 - Professional

Telraam S2 - Personal

Small, smart, and powerful. Effortless traffic counting on your street.
incl. VAT