Terms of use

When you register as a participant in Telraam, you certify that you:

  1. you are participating in the Telraam entirely of your own free will,
  2. give your consent to Rear Window BV, with registered office at Diestsesteenweg 71, Leuven 3010, Belgium and with company number 0762.549.266, hereafter "Telraam", "we" or "us", to process the data from your Telraam device,
  3. agree that all intellectual rights to the traffic counts collected and any database into which they are incorporated by Telraam shall belong to Telraam. To the extent necessary, the participant's consent shall constitute an unconditional, irrevocable and free assignment of any other right or claim the participant may have thereto by reason of his/her participation.
  4. acquire, through your participation, a non-exclusive personal use right to all the data produced by your Telraam device and can consult and download them via the personalized dashboard.
  5. accept that the anonymized results of your Telraam device will be shared via this website
  6. you are a private person. If you are a professional user (consultant, government, university, non-profit organisation, etc.) you need to have an agreement with Telraam/Rear Window BV. Please contact us at info@telraam.net.

Contact to modify or delete the data: privacy@telraam.net