Build a Network

Deploy and manage Telraam at a local, municipal, or regional level with a network of Telraam devices hosted by citizens. The Network subscription provides all the management and data analytic tools that you need.

A network of opportunities

Traffic engineering studies and urban planning at a local and regional level require the collection of traffic counts from multiple locations, and traditionally this has been an expensive and time-consuming process.

Thanks to AI-driven technology and the unique deployment-model of Telraam devices, we provide an alternative, cost-efficient, multi-modal counting method that has been proven both accurate and precise in a wide variety of conditions.

Telraam offers a Network subscription for organisations running multiple devices, such as governments and authorities from local to national level as well as activist groups. By deploying a finely meshed network of Telraam devices powered by citizen science, the traffic counting process can be much improved, gathering multi-modal data on a continuous basis, while reducing the costs.

Network subscription €25 / month

  • Administrative and recruitment tools
  • Network data analytics tools and various reporting and data export options
  • Includes all the features of the Data subscription for all sensors and segments in the network

A comprehensive project solution

A Network subscription provides the necessary management and data-analytics tools needed throughout the lifetime of a project. It includes administrative tools to plan, deploy, and manage a network of Telraam devices hosted by private citizens over longer periods (usually 6-12 months), and data analytics tools to monitor and analyse traffic on both street-segment and network level.

Real-time and historical data can be assessed and analysed any time, or it can be exported for off-line analysis. Support is provided by the Telraam team throughout the process, from start to finish.

Citizen engagement and transparent operations

Since Telraam devices are hosted by individual citizens, a Telraam network provides a unique opportunity to engage with locals, build trust, and exchange know-how with the people who experience the effects of traffic on their streets every day. This way motivated residents have a more direct, personal involvement in local mobility policy.

Network subscription tools streamline the recruitment, application, and selection process of citizens. They learn how to set-up their own fully automated traffic counter and how to better understand the data. Participants become citizen scientists that can make constructive, objective, data-driven contributions to the local policy-making process.

Telraam data can also be used by researchers, residents, and interested parties to, e.g., validate their requests for changes in the local circulation plans, making objective, data-driven contributions to the discussions.

Open up the data

Telraam helps cities build trust by providing clear, understandable data and involving citizens in decision-making. We believe that counting data should be open and accessible, as mobility is a social challenge that requires transparency. Even one data point can make a big difference in managing traffic, planning cities, and having meaningful conversations with citizens.

We share our data in a few different ways:
  • Basic traffic data is accessible through an interactive map on our website.
  • Most count data is freely available as open data, with a non-commercial licence.
  • The Telraam Network dashboard lets local authorities monitor their Telraam devices in their project area, export data, and conduct live analyses.
  • We offer a data pool module for professionals, providing reporting, analytics, and access to the advanced API for specific locations outside of their own fleet. This also opens up the API for broader use. Learn more on our data pool page.


Network dashboard
Manage network branding & content
Candidate recruitment & selection
Automated emails & templates
Basic analytics summaries
Advanced analytics for analysis
Device management
Multiple tracks
Advanced API Access
Access to data outside your fleet
Priority mail supports
Training sessions

Network dashboard

Access your data and user information through the Network dashboard, exclusive to administrators of a Telraam network.

The Dashboard is a central hub that provides a quick, general overview of the status of the network, and access to a rich set of communication and reporting tools. It gives you an at-a-glance summary of active devices on a map, including key performance indicators, and a notification stream of any activity or warning from participating devices.

Network administration

Personalise and maintain your network, using network settings options, content management tools, and branding opportunities.

You can decide whether and when to make the content public, or keep it restricted to a select group. You can also create multiple ‘tracks’ to segment your data gathering by time or by location.

Provide support, improve data collection, and diagnose and fix issues through remote device management, or get expert assistance from the Telraam team.

User recruitment and management

A network requires the participation of citizens. Maintain the timeline of your network! Recruit and select users, manage applications, and engage with interested parties during the progress of your project using our communication tools.

Recruit candidates:

  • Define what data is collected from candidates through the application form.
  • Review candidates according to location on the map, and the quality of their view of the street from their photos, and collaborate with other admins by adding notes and reviews.
  • Grade applications for future review, and select or waitlist them.
  • Personalise any email correspondence for automated or ad-hoc communications.

Interact with users:

  • Browse a detailed overview of active users.
  • Filter users according to specific criteria, ideal when managing larger networks.
  • Send batch emails to specific subgroups of users to keep them informed and engaged.
  • Get operational statistics (e.g., device status, uptime over the last month) for the network from our reports.

Advanced data analytics

The Network subscription includes all the features of the Data subscription, and more. Network administrators have access to the data dashboards of all segments (and devices) in their network, while participating users have access to their own segments’ data dashboards.

Additional data analytic features only available with the Network subscription:

Data reports:

  • One-click access to Data dashboards for each individual segment in the network.
  • Overview of hourly or daily network level traffic compared to the typical traffic, which can be useful to spot network level changes or irregularities.
  • Compare data from two periods, either for the whole network or for selected segments, to review traffic levels, daily traffic patterns, or car speeds.

Data exports:

  • Export options include monthly reports, monthly or full raw data sets, and typical traffic (for two user-defined periods).
  • Create “Street sheets”, our popular pre-configured Excel files that allow you to work with count and typical data without having to process raw data or access our APIs.

Data Pool

In addition to rolling out and monitoring your own fleet of devices, the Data Pool module allows you to tap into data from external devices as well.

If a citizen in the neighbourhood is counting already, add them with just a couple of clicks to your pool and get all the insights and reporting as if it was your own device.

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"The city council of Kortrijk wants to take more data-driven decisions. We already do this with our own measuring equipment, but with innovative techniques, such as Telraam, we can measure for a long time in several locations at the same time."

— Lotte Demeestere
Mobility expert for the city of Kortrijk
"By analysing the V85 standard, we get an indication of the best time to use the device for speed checks. Speed checks are best used to achieve maximum effect with a view to changing the behaviour of road users."

— David Tailleur
Neighbourhood police team-coach, Lubbeek
"Telraam provides not only insights through data but also understanding through interaction with residents, local and provincial government."

— Eric van Dijk
Smart mobility policy expert, Province of Utrecht
"Telraam gives citizens the traffic data they need to amplify their voice, ensuring that decision-makers listen to their concerns and the conversations can move beyond subjective and anecdotal evidence."

— Professor Enda Hayes
University of the West of England

Want a Telraam network in your city?

Telraam has experience with dozens of Telraam projects for local authorities in many different countries, and we have built the expertise to develop a successful Telraam project for your neighbourhood, municipality, or region.

Talk to us about setting up a Telraam project tailored to your needs and fitting your local policy context.

If you would like more information or a quotation, visit our Contact Us page, and we will be pleased to help you.