Do you want a Telraam of your own?

A Telraam at your window seem like a good idea?

Count the traffic in your street with a fully automatic counter. Find out here where Telraam is already counting, how you can get involved yourself or how you can set up your own counting network.

Telraam was first tested with the pilot in Kessel-Lo in the city of Leuven (Belgium). Spring 2019, 100 Telraam devices were installed by the same number of motivated citizens. Quickly following the Kessel-Lo pilot, Telraam started setting up counting networks in other cities and areas. Resulting in several networks of active citizens currently gathering traffic data.

Mijn eigen Telraam
Tellingen zonder netwerk
€ 83.50
Registration deadline unknown

Leuven - Matadi
Tellen in Matadi
Free of charge
Registration deadline: 26 Jun 2019

Verkeer tellen in Aalst
€ 79.00
Registration deadline: 14 Oct 2019

Telraam in Schaarbeek- Telraam à Schaerbeek
Free of charge
Registration deadline: 14 Oct 2019

Gent - Dampoort
Kiemnetwerk in Gent
Free of charge
Registration deadline: 14 Oct 2019

Which areas are next?

Since the utility of good quality Telraam traffic counts is not limited just to Kessel-Lo or Belgium, Telraam is aiming to geographicly expand the counting network. Find here which areas or cities will soon start counting with their own Telraam devices.

Beringen Stationsstraat
kiemnetwerk in Beringen
Free of charge
Coming soon
Registration deadline unknown

Networks having already started

The Telraam counting networks in these zones have already kicked off. You can still join by buying your own Telraam device

Pilot met 100 Telraam-toestellen
Free of charge
Registration deadline: 31 Jan 2019

Antwerpen Straatvinken
Price unknown
Registration deadline: 30 Apr 2019

Mechelen kiemnetwerk
Free of charge
Registration deadline: 22 Sep 2019

How to set up your own Telraam network

If you as a citizen want to help set up a new Telraam network in your own city or neighborhood, this is possible. As an interested citizen, a group of friends, a neighbourhood committee, a school or an action group, you yourself can set up a Telraam at your window and launch and spread your own counting network.
More info on how to get counting with Telraam: The various components of a Telraam kit can be ordered online via Gotron . Click on Register to see all the criteria to use Telraam. So check carefully to ensure you can tick all the boxes. If you have questions, take a look at the FAQ & Support page other remarks or questions:

Raise awareness with your local government

Ask your local policymakers to support a counting network in your municipality.

That way Telraam can work with citizens and policymakers in order to map out traffic in the municipality. Interested cities and municipalities can find information on the Governments page.