Stockwell Traffic Flows

We are inviting locals to be part of a new pilot project exploring how citizen science can help understand the impacts of traffic scheme changes in Lambeth. The project will be based in the Stockwell Gardens area, which is potentially undergoing a transport plan change. Findings will be collected over a 3 month period, from September to November, with support to develop skills in understanding the impacts of air and noise pollution.

Call for Participants !

  • Want to know how the traffic flows on your street?
  • Would you like to be involved in collecting your own data assessing how traffic affects your neighbourhood?
  • Want to influence the debate about how healthier streets are created?

By getting involved, you will get to ...

  • Learn how to collect your own data on traffic levels (vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and more), using widely approved Telraam devices.

You put a small Telraam device in your window and it automatically counts the traffic all day, without recording any images or video for privacy*. You get a live report which you can read and share with your family and friends. The device only needs a plug, and does not need wifi.

  • Work with experts to understand how the data can be used to calculate effects on local air and noise pollution
  • Create visuals with experts to display your findings
  • Explore and propose solutions which benefit your community

Tranquil City is an independent environmental data collective with no vested interest in traffic schemes in Lambeth. 

Loop Labs is a not-for-profit organisation working on improving the quality of life for all Londoners and has no vested interest in traffic schemes in Lambeth.

Impetus are the funders for this new citizen science initiative. 

Get involved by completing the form in the “Apply as Candidate” section or if you need assistance to complete the form please contact Chloe at .

*All data collected during this project will remain anonymous.