Traffic and pollution

The WeCount project is expanding to include Limerick! Originally, the WeCount project was based in the Greater Dublin area, but it will now also include other cities and towns in Ireland.

The WeCount project provides local communities with the tools to measure traffic in their neighbourhoods. Telraam traffic counting sensors are installed on participants’ windows to count cars, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians on local streets.

Traffic is at the core of a variety of societal problems ranging from road safety, air, noise and light pollution, to public health risks, to the liveability of our communities. However, obtaining objective traffic counts can be difficult, because local authorities usually only have the resources to monitor a limited number of roads. Therefore, the WeCount project has the opportunity to greatly improve data available on traffic in Irish cities and towns – with the help from local citizens!

University College Dublin is organising the WeCount project in Ireland and will facilitate online workshops where local communities can discuss their concerns around traffic in their neighbourhoods and can learn more about how to analyse traffic data.