Hanwell Traffic Monitoring Pilot Project

We are inviting locals to be part of a new pilot project exploring how citizen-powered traffic monitoring can help understand traffic flows and counts in the Hanwell area. As part of our commitments outlined in the Travel in Ealing Charter we're exploring new ways to engage with residents on traffic and transport schemes. We’re inviting selected residents to trial hosting small traffic monitoring devices which can automatically count the number of cars, pedestrians and cyclists that pass by. The project area is outlined below.

Call for Participants!

  • Want to know how the traffic flows on your street?
  • Would you like to be involved in collecting data assessing how traffic affects your neighbourhood?
  • Want to contribute to the debate about how healthier streets are created?

By getting involved, you will...

  • Learn how to collect your own data on traffic levels (vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and more), using widely approved Telraam devices.
  • Put a small Telraam device in your window and it automatically counts the traffic all day, without recording any images or video for privacy*. You get a live report which you can read and share with your family and friends. The device only needs a plug, and does not need wifi.

By collecting this data we are able to:

  • Monitor traffic counts and trends over time
  • Assess the data as part of our wider evidence base, for our transport strategy and future decision-making
  • Assess performance of the sensors for potential wider rollout in the borough
  • Collaborate with residents, working together to understand local issues and enable dialogue to address them

*All data collected during this project will remain anonymous.