Data Pool Beta

Interested in traffic data but don't want to roll out your own devices?

Welcome to Telraam's Data Pool - the ultimate destination for unlocking the power of community-sourced mobility data. Dive into a wealth of real-time information, generated by our network of citizen-operated devices, and revolutionize your approach to urban planning, research, and development.

Unlocking Urban Mobility Insights with Telraam's Data Pool

What is the Data Pool?

Telraam's Data Pool is a user-friendly module within the Network subscription that lets you access data from existing devices outside your fleet. By using this pool, urban planners, researchers, and government organisations can get unprecedented insights to shape the future of our cities.

Key Features

Real-Time Updates
Stay informed with continuously updated data streams, providing the latest information on urban mobility dynamics.

Advanced API
With the data pool you can access advanced API analytics with custom data limits, 15-minute resolution, 10 modes, typical data, and more.

No maintenance or service requirements
Gain detailed insights without ownership responsibilities or the need for installations or support.

Who Can Benefit?

Telraam's Data Pool is designed to serve a wide range of clients, including:
  • Urban Planners: Shape strategic transportation plans, refine traffic management strategies, and improve infrastructure development.
  • Researchers & Campaigners: Conduct in-depth studies on mobility trends, environmental impacts, and social dynamics within urban environments.
  • City Governments: Support evidence-based policy making, improve public transportation systems, and address urban challenges effectively

How does it work?

  1. In your Network dashboard, browse the map and add segments to the "basket"
  2. Decide if you're interested in one-time historical data or a subscription to get ongoing live data
  3. Confirm the segment choices
  4. Make sure you have sufficient credits.

Our external advisory council

At Telraam, we recognize the importance of ensuring that mobility data collected from our citizen-operated devices is used in a socially-responsible manner.

That's why we've set up an external advisory council, representing the communities we serve. This council ensures that crowdsourced data meets ethical standards, respects individual privacy, and benefits society. By involving citizens, we aim for transparency, accountability, and fairness in all our data-driven initiatives.

We organise around 5 digital sessions per year to gather input, which will be openly published on our website. If you’d like to participate, please get in touch.


Currently the data pool is in beta only.
However if you want access do not hesitate to request for access!