Reliable counting with citizens

To develop a solidly based mobility policy, traffic counts are essential. Counts which are multimodal, and therefore record cars, heavy vehicles, public transport as well as cyclists and pedestrians, form the basis for each traffic survey. Currently these counts are limited in terms of time and counting of modes. They are also often very costly.

New technologies provide innovative measuring methods. Telraam develops top technological and reliable measuring equipment that can count and analyse traffic intricately, continuously, multimodally and accurately while working together with citizens. Telraam makes sure the right questions are asked with the right technology to do it, citizens do the counting and get involved. Telraam is the first to offer fully automatic citizen science traffic counts, by analogy with air quality measurements such as Curieuzeneuzen and Luftdaten.

Hoe werkt het?


Telraam is working actively with citizens to provide good traffic counts. Residents are happy to get involved to find out how much and what types of traffic use their streets.

Thus extremely relevant traffic count data is made available to authorities in a participative manner. Citizens are guided through the process of setting up their own fully automatic traffic counter, and also with interpreting the data and passing it on. The device just has to be fixed inside a window, and traffic counting can start.
That’s how simple counting traffic is with Telraam.

Data for effective traffic planning

The count figures collected are a valuable basis for use in traffic and mobility planning. Telraam data can also be used to measure the impact of highways technology operations. That way the counts collected help in framing policy. However, the data can also be used by researchers and by any residents and interested parties.

What we offer

Telraam has a customised offer for both local and regional authorities. A range of formulas with complete involvement pathways are being developed. They can run from the roll-out of a small-scale counting network, through to data analysis and practical policy consultancy on the basis of the generated data.

Offer and further information

For a customised offer or more information on what Telraam can do for your municipality or within your policy area, contact Telraam via