No Telraam network in your city yet?

Contact me when starting a network

The Telraam technology works best via counting networks. These can generate a fine-grained picture of the traffic situation in an area.

If you are a citizen and would like to have a Telraam network in your city, please leave your details here. If there is sufficient interest from a particular area (city or municipality), we will contact the local government directly. And you will be the first to know when a network is started.

Cities most interested in new network

The Olympics of Telraam interest. Yes we have always been a bit competitive. ;)

1. Bruxelles
2. Gent
3. Essen
4. Brussel
5. Liège

How do we work?

Telraam has already set up a dozen finely meshed counting networks in various cities and municipalities on behalf of local authorities. counting networks in various cities and municipalities. This cooperation between policymakers and citizens by means of Telraam brings objective traffic data to local mobility policy.

Telraam provides complete guidance throughout this process. In this way The data from the various Telrams can be accessed centrally, and the counters receive maximum support for receive maximum support for carrying out high-performance traffic counts.