To be able to count using Telraam, you need to meet these conditions:

  • You live somewhere with a street-facing window
  • This window has a completely unobstructed view onto the street (roadway) - no poles, trees, or structures which block the view in any way)
  • This window is on an upstairs floor (not on the ground floor)
  • There is no mosquito screen in front of this window that would obstruct the view from the Telraam
  • Roller shutters for this window can only be lowered during the hours of darkness
  • You have a wifi connection to which the Telraam device can be connected
  • You have a power outlet close to the window (this can of course use an extension lead)

How are you involved?
I am part of a local project and received a Telraam device.
Bought a Telraam device myself or want to buy a device.