Unwrapping the Telraam S2: Updates on the Product Roadmap, Validation Counts, and New Webshop

Telraam S2 - update • Written by Robert McIntosh on 23 December 2022

Ho ho ho! It's that time of year again and we have a special festive present for you: updates on the new Telraam S2 device.

In this blog post, we'll be sharing all of the latest information on the Telraam S2, including the timeline, the updated product roadmap, validation counts, and the new webshop. So cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa (or glüwein) and get ready to learn more about the exciting updates coming to the Telraam S2.

The product roadmap for the new Telraam S2 is filled with exciting updates and enhancements. As a device that can be updated over the air, we will be able to continually improve the firmware and add new features to the device. Some of the expected and important features that we are currently working on, but will not be available immediately, include night counts and additional counting modes. When the Telraam S2 launches in February/March 2023, it will initially have the four existing categories of pedestrians, cyclists, cars, and heavy vehicles. However, in the future, we plan to add even more categories to the device. We are constantly working to improve and enhance the Telraam S2, and we can't wait to share these updates with you.

According to the data performance and validation counts of the Telraam S2, the device has shown strong results in terms of accuracy and reliability. In our latest tests a sample of a dozen Telraam S2 devices has shown an accuracy of 99.5% for the total number of objects, meaning that the error on the total number of objects is a half percent. When looking at the accuracy on a road user type basis, we see accuracy values of 90% for heavy vehicles, 95% for cars and light trucks, 90% for bicycles and motorcycles, and 85% for pedestrians. This means that the device is able to accurately count and classify a high percentage of the traffic passing by the camera. For more information on the data performance and validation counts of the Telraam S2, check out our FAQ article: "Data performance and validation"

In February we'll launch add small e-commerce part to telraam.net so you will be able to (pre-)order the hardware. In this webshop, you will be able to purchase individual Telraam devices, both the new Telraam S2 and the previous version, the Telraam Raspberry Pi (V1). 

As said the launch of the new Telraam S2 is quickly approaching. The first batch of Telraam S2 devices will be used for a few different projects. We have "10000 stappen", a project promoting a healthy lifestyle in Flanders (Belgium) and Telraam's case will be focusing mainly on pedestrians. And there is a European citizen science project COMPAIR that does both air quality and mobility measurements.

These projects will help to test and validate the capabilities of the Telraam S2, ensuring that it is ready for widespread use when it is released to the public. We are confident that the Telraam S2 will be a valuable addition to our product line and can't wait to share it with all of our customers. Stay tuned for more updates on the timeline of the launch.

Team Telraam wishes you a warm and relaxing festive season and a happy and successful new year. See you in 2023!