Telraam wins prestigious prize at Velo-City Conference in Leipzig

Telraam Velo-City • Written by Wouter Florizoone on 12 May 2023

Today, Telraam won the 'Smart Pedal Pitch' at the Velo-City Conference in Leipzig. This is an annual international competition for the most innovative and market-ready technology to shape the future of bicycle mobility in cities. Telraam won the final from Northern Irish company See.Sense and Austrian company Velovio. The prize includes the roll-out of a mobility project in the city of Leipzig worth 17,000€.

The competition is an innovation challenge for start-ups and SMEs that envisage solutions for more liveable cities with more active road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. The Smart Pedal Pitch 2023 is part of Velo-city 2023 Leipzig, the annual world cycling summit. This year's conference was organised by the city of Leipzig and SpinLab in cooperation with the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF) and Cycling Industries Europe.

Els Van den broeck, general manager at Mobiel 21 was there as the local representative for Telraam: "It's quite exciting to pitch a tool like Telraam at Velo-city, the biggest cycling conference in the world. That we won here clearly shows that the audience is convinced of the added value that citizen science and traffic data have in the transition to sustainable mobility. Telraam offers cities and municipalities a user-friendly, affordable and reliable sensor to monitor traffic and shape their mobility policy based on objective data. In addition, Telraam creates a very valuable community of citizens eager to contribute to sustainable solutions and therefore also contributes to trust between citizens and policymakers."

Leipzig is not the first foreign project for Telraam. "We have meanwhile realised more than 60 networks at home and abroad. From next Monday, we will also start rolling out a new network of 50 sensors in the Lake district, in San Francisco," says Wouter Florizoone, business development manager at Telraam. "The technology is also increasingly used by engineering firms and mobility professionals because of its high-quality, objective and qualitative traffic data. We also offer that data as open data."

Telraam is a spin-off of Transport & Mobility Leuven, Mobiel 21 and and was developed with the support of the Belgian federal government's Smart Mobility Belgium fund and the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme as part of the WeCount project.

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