Lambeth Community Traffic Monitoring

United Kingdom

Telraam Traffic Monitoring - West Dulwich

Lambeth is committed to creating streets and neighbourhoods that are healthy, safe, inclusive, pleasant and that support walking/wheeling, cycling and use of public transport. Enabling the community to travel more actively benefits public health and forms part of the Climate Action Plan to become net zero compatible and climate resilient by 2023.

We want to involve local people in traffic monitoring, to make this a more collaborative and transparent process. We’re inviting residents to host small Telraam devices which can automatically count the number of cars that pass by, as well as people walking/wheeling and cycling. The device uploads these traffic counts to a public-facing dashboard in 15-minute intervals. 

Initially, this will be a trial in the West Dulwich area to help us decide if we might use them more often in future. If you live in the area and are interested in hosting a Telraam device, please make an application using the ‘Apply as candidate’ section.